New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports

October 15, 2021

Atlético’s next match in the UEFA Champions League

Atlético Madrid vs. FC Liverpool

Liverpool’s previous results:

Liverpool 2:2 Manchester City

Porto 1:5 Liverpool

Brentford 3:3 Liverpool

Norwich City 0:3 Liverpool

Liverpool 3:0 Crystal Palace

\(\rightsquigarrow\) How were goals scored? Build-up play? Counter attacks?

Analysing future opponents in soccer

things to consider when analysing future opponents (among others):

  • how are goal-soring chances created? \(\color{gray}{\text{(counter attacks?)}}\)

  • style of play? \(\color{gray}{\text{(offensive?)}}\)

  • how does a team defend? \(\color{gray}{\text{(pressing?)}}\)

\(\rightsquigarrow\) such questions are usually investigated via (time-consuming) video analysis

Analysing future opponents in soccer

Here, we…

  • … make use of high-frequency tracking data

  • … aim at automatically detecting a team’s playing style

Tracking data in soccer

Tracking data in soccer